Flea Above

I’m back from hiatus! Been enjoying my holidays and picking some new hobbies here and there!

I’m here with a post to thank all that came to support my flea (hope it isn’t too late!) Erjie, Enqi, Paige, Glenna, Ziwei, Victoria, Jessica, Zirui, Celine, Alicia, Momo, Valerie Cristabel, Kitson, Marcus, Jonathan, Jerald, Ashley and a few more which I couldn’t recall but I still wanna thank! Thank you all for your support and especially to the guys who really did put in the effort to help us sell all our merchandises when the flea was about to end and also the tedious clearing up! Also, special thanks to my partners for the day, Yunying and Shinru whom actually were the ones who invited me to the flea together with them. Without them, I would never have the courage to set up a booth in a flea.

To be honest, the flea didn’t go too well for me. But I really did have fun, thanks to everyone who was there! The weather was inhumanely hot and sales wasn’t too good for me. But what really mattered was the support and the 3 big rules I learnt from setting up a flea.

  2. Have a flea booth only when you have tons of random clothes you’re never going to wear again and is willing to sell it at $1/$2.
  3. The only time you can sell it slightly more expensive is only when you’re famous. Like, super famous in Singapore. (Which I obviously, wasn’t)

So that’s our booth for the day. (Miserably small but was at least, in the shade)

ImageImageThose who came to support (and managed to take a photo with)!ImageImageImage
And of course, my partners for the day! Image
And also a group shot with the guys who came to support and help!


And also, Chic Marche has a new look!

Image And also new instocks! To put it in a way, its brand new stocks that I couldn’t clear in time during the flea and am selling them off for the price I set during the flea! And that means, it is at least twice cheaper than some blogshops/livejournals are selling them at! Just check them out below!Image

 The screenshot is pretty screwed up so do visit CHIC MARCHE for a better view! You can also place your orders there! And I do meetups at selected places so do leave a comment if you want to do so and save on the postage fees! And also… do stay tuned for the next few days as I would be bringing some pretty instocks again! Just some sneak peeks for you…


So… wait for it. I know it hurts… but… WAIT FOR IT. Its coming your way :)


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